Use the arrow keys/WASD (left stick) to move.

Use "Q"/"E" (R and L Bumpers) to scroll through the toolbar.

Use "Z" (X button on Nintendo controller) to toggle edit mode

In Edit Mode:

Use "X"/RMB (Left Bumper) to place blocks

Use "C"/LMB (Right Bumper) to delete blocks

DO NOT PRESS "ESC", this is a debug that kills the program for now. The game will freeze and you must restart the browser after.

About the Planet:

The planet is divided into "sectors" (screens) which are saved and reconstructed one at a time. Approaching the edge of the screen will reveal a new (and randomly generated) sector. You can walk around the circumference of the planet to previous sectors. The planet is 5x5 sectors with looping edges.

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